Bank Account

Your Bank Account

The perfect bank account for daily life and travel. No deposit or income conditions and no commissions on payments abroad. This is the ideal Account for you.


A savings account that helps you save money for short, medium or long term goals ...

Account remuneration

In addition, your money accumulates interest calculated periodically and paid back into your account every year.

Investment loan

Thanks to your account, you can benefit from a short, medium or long term loan. Take advantage by opening an account now!

Availability of funds

Your money remains available at all times and free of charge in all our agencies and online.


All natural or legal persons, resident or not, can benefit from an account with us. What could be more beautiful?

Ideal for Business

We invest in you and we are committed to treating you as a professional. It's now or never!

What are you waiting for to open your account online?